Monday, February 6, 2012

How to be an explorer of the world

1. Always be looking. (Notice the ground beneath your feet.)
2. Consider everything alive & animate.
3. Everything is interesting. Look Closer.
4. Alter your course often.
5. Observe for long durations (and short ones).
6. Notice the stories going on around you.
7. Notice patterns. Make connections.
8. Document your findings (field notes) in a variety of ways.
9. Incorporate indeterminacy.
10. Observe movement.
11. Create a personal dialogue with your environment. Talk to it.
12. Trace things back to their origins.
13. Use all of the senses in your investigations.
~Keri Smith

Ahh I just love this. Off to explore the world here I go again!!!! Well after all these many years of traveling it is about time to start a blog so here I go!!

So here it is T-1 week til departure, off to this next big adventure! I will be spending the next 4 months in Georgia!! Yes, it's kind of a random place and I get questionable looks sometimes when I tell people, but I know it is going to be beautiful and amazing and just an opportunity of a lifetime that I could not pass up!! I'm going to be teaching English along with such a culture exchange as I become part of my host family and community and share pieces of my culture with them as well.

I have a week long orientation/training for my first week in Tbilisi where they will go over some teaching topics, info about the schools and living with the families, culture shock and adjustments to the culture, Georgian language, etc...but forget culture shock, I'm more in for weather shock as I've spent the majority of winter able to wear shorts or at least not a jacket...but I'm way excited to see snow again even though it will be absolutely freezing!

Anyway, I'm totally excited to find out what part of the country I'll be in, meet my host family, and find out more about my students, overall just to start this new crazy awesome experience!!

Alright, so I'm new to the blog thing/don't know my internet situation but hopefully I'll get to post somewhat regularly! : )

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