Monday, April 23, 2012

"the city of love"

A couple weeks ago 5 friends and I spent a lovely weekend in the town of Signaghi. I had been looking forward to this trip for weeks! One, check out the giant Caucasus mountains back there. It has such a small town Italian feel with its colors and architecture. It was so cute and quaint and  a nice change of pace from the city. 

the view up the street from the deck
We stayed an amazing guesthouse. The rooms were really nice and we had our own bathroom! The greatest  part was that this wasn't even planned. One of our friends who couldn't get into the hostel we were planning at staying at found this place. Once the rest of us had a look it was decided! We couldn't resist!
Of course being in the wine making region of Georgia, Kakheti, they brought us up some home-made wine. We chilled on the deck soaking in the sun and enjoying the peacefulness, views, and company. 

We spent the day strolling around the town through the winding cobbled streets. Stopped at St. Stephan's Church.

Also while walking around met and English teacher and had a nice little chat with her (she's in the middle her mom to the right)

That evening we went to a Mexican restaurant! It's run by a guy who lived in southern California for a while. It's his take on making Mexican food with Georgian ingredients. 

We all split the nachos, then I got a burrito and a sangria! Which were both delicious!!

The following day we went up to the Monastery of St. Nino. "According to Georgian tradition, St. Nino, having witnessed the conversion of Georgians to the Christian faith, withdrew to the Bodbe gorge, in Kakheti, where she died c. 338-340. A small monastery was built at the place where Nino was buried."

We then took a lovely hike down to the holy spring. What's better than an early morning hike! I was just so happy! After going from hiking every single day at home to not at all, my body was missing it like crazy!! I was loving every minute of it! Some moments I felt like I was back in NC hiking through the woods and it was wonderful!
the area around the spring at the end of the hike

The weekend sadly had to end but what a splendid weekend it was! I can see why this place is known by Georgians as "the city of love". I'm surely in love with this place now. 

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