Sunday, June 30, 2013

“Be in love with your life. Enjoy every minute of it."

A few weekends ago I went down to the 2nd largest city here, Busan, to see a really awesome sand festival!! The theme this year was movies, so all the sand sculptures/pictures depicted different scenes, characters, actors, etc. from various films.

There was a place to make sand crafts, individual mini sand mounds for sculpture building, and a big dune with sand sledding.

There was also a parade with characters from movies, interesting random bands, people with wild hair and crazy costumes, Taekwondo kids, and mini shows with fights and battles, and song/dance performances.

Later in the day there was a reggae concert followed by the opening ceremony. This was quite impressive with a live sand artist, fireworks, a Korean pop group, fire dancers, and a popular Korean rock band who put on a really great concert!! After the concert, they turned the beach into the "Sand Club" and they brought out DJs and a live band, and everyone danced on the beach! What a great night!

Before I left this city, I checked out the "world's largest department store." It's no longer Macy's. It's called Shinsegae Centrum City. There is a duplicate Trevi fountain, ice skating rink, driving range, sports club and spa, etc. I mostly wanted to check out the epic food court I had read about online. Oh my goodness! I wish I could have eaten about 10 meals there! It was incredible, with a ridiculous amount of different types of food, along with a fresh market adjacent to it! I settled on a few snacks to go, and while there indulged in lasagna, a piece of honeydew melon, and a crepe like cone, filled with bananas, chocolate sauce, cream, and ice cream. Heavenly.

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  1. Wow! The sand art work is amazing! Sounds like a fun time capped off with tasty food!