Monday, September 30, 2013

"The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences."

Grapes, apples and beef, oh my! Festivals a plenty have resumed!

The grape festival was a small yet delightful one.  I began with several samples of wine, grapes, juices, and jams! Yum! Who doesn't love free samples!? There were many fun activities for the kids, but one for both kids, but one for both kids and adults that I partook in was the grape stomping!
Oh man! I have always wanted to squish, squash, and smoosh grapes! It was so entertaining! They blasted music the whole time, had fog blasters, and even held a few dance contests!

I circled the festival a few times, indulging in some treats, watching the humorous cute kid activities, and just people watching in general.

The following weekend the long awaited Red Festival happened in my town! I have literally been looking forward to this since I moved here, and needless to say I was one stoked girl! As I've mentioned before my town is known for its apples and beef and this was their time to showcase it! Also, it was held in my most favorite spot in town!

It was quite impressive! For such a small town, the festival was huge! First, obviously there was a lot of beef and a lot of apples. They had an enormous tent with individual grills on each table to BBQ the beef right there on the spot. It was the most scrumptious of smells while walking past it! There were rows of tents with boxes, crates, and tables bursting with bright red apples. Now, I walked up and down this area a few times savoring as many apple slices as possible. Let me tell you! These are some crisp, sweet, mouth-watering, and quite tasty apples! How wonderful!
As usual, there were several kids' craft tables, and games. There were fair-type rides, paddle boats on the lake, music, and an abundance of food. There were a couple different animal attractions for looking or petting, as well as showcases of various fruits and vegetables grown locally on display.

The whole atmosphere was so festive and jolly; just walking around made me smile! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and it was so fantastic to just be able to hop on my bike to get there, not having to think about taking multiple buses! It was quite a magnificent weekend!
bought them at the festival! Yum!

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