Friday, August 10, 2012

smiles, tears, vino, kargod...

Well I know it has been quite a while and I am super duper delayed, but as I promised earlier some pics of my students and some final things from my time in Georgia

Here are the photos from my classes the last week of school : )...(for those of you not on facebook)

my students :)

Here's a few videos as well from a show by one of my 3rd grade classes:

As the last month of my time in Georgia was coming to a close I began keeping a list of things in my journal "Things to love/hate/miss/not miss about Georgia."  I knew I would forget things once I returned home, and would feel differently the last week there, as I had a month before then. So I kept my journal on hand and would jot things down when I thought of them. As the weeks turned into final days I had acquired quite a list. Here's a  sample of it:

In the things to miss/love category:                                
-the smiles from my students that would just light up my whole day and world
-lots of kisses and the massive running down the hallway into me hugs
-after months of teaching still kids being really happy when I walk in the class, still jumping up with huge smiles and clapping/excited
-some good food (khachapuri, khinkali, kebabs, ahh I miss shwarma)
-them going absolutely crazy and being shocked when I said things in Georgian
-feeling like a kid again
-being grateful for simple things
-learning so much about others, myself, the world
-etc, etc, etc...

In the not really gonna miss/interesting things category:
-very loud- at home, and at school
-kids at home/school no discipline at all
-feeling gross 24/7
-hearing my name 1000 times a day
-feeling scared for my life whenever in a moving vehicle
-I've never heard the word "hello" in those 4 months than my whole life combined

So many things you just gotta love, things that were just so ridiculous and crazy, it's just all about your attitude.  I also learned the power of having something to look forward to pretty much at all times or everyday having something that you're excited about.

So my last few nights in Georgia consisted of hanging out with people and saying goodbye to friends, and my last night was spent with the family.  We had kebabs and went swimming in a river! It was just a fun and wonderful last night with them! They were really sad to see me go.

Overall, I'm so grateful for the opportunity and time I had to experience this place, culture, and completely different life, and get to know so many new people. It was an experience that I could have never imagined and am forever changed by it.

mmm fries and kielbasa
Old Town Square
On my way back to the States I had the incredible opportunity to have a layover in Poland!! I could not have been happier! I couldn't stop smiling the entire time I was there. I have wanted to go to Poland my whole life because my great grandparents came over from there and I have always wanted to experience the Polish part of my heritage actually in Poland. It was such a special feeling to be in the country where my family came from. Even though it was for a short time, I fell in love, and now want to go back even more to explore where exactly my family lived and just enjoy the culture and most definitely the food more! As we wondered the streets at 8 in the morning nothing was open! Thank goodness for the nicest waiter ever who was outside and started talking to us. We ended up being the only people in this really nice restaurant but we got our pierogies!!  So life was good :)

That's all for now! 


  1. OK.....I WANT that ice cream cone! Never have I seen such a tall & generous amount of ice cream in ONE cone!! :-D

    1. Haha I know! And they are like every 5 feet throughout the city! Heavenly! :)