Monday, September 10, 2012

"Here's to the nights we felt alive, here's to the tears you knew you'd cry, here's to goodbye tomorrow's gonna come too soon"

Well quite a summer it has been! I got to enjoy the past 3 months at home and nearby places as well! I haven't spent this much time at/around home for years!

It was really nice being back in the States enjoying time with friends, family, eating good food, and having lots of fun times; while also doing plenty of working at camp for my 3rd summer!

I got to spend a few weekends up in the mountains! Did a little working up there, swimming in the river, chillin, eating and baking delicious stuff, and really just enjoying my time outside and going on beautiful hikes!  I just love being in the mountains so much!

I also had the pleasure of taking some trips to the ocean! Soaking up the sun, fun times with friends, good food, and several relaxing days on the beach!!

In Acadia National Park, Maine
hiked the highest peak in Mass
Bar Harbor, Maine
I also was lucky enough to get to spend some time up North! I rarely ever get to see my family so this was perfect timing to get a chance to see them before I'm gone again! I enjoyed time in the beautiful area of western Massachusetts where my family is along with getting to see Boston and the coast of Mass, and Maine which I haven't been to since I was younger while visiting some friends near there. Hiked in Acadia National Park which was incredibly beautiful, saw lots of cute harbors and adorable sea side towns, eat delicious blueberry foods, some sea food, and the best ice cream outside of Europe.

Overall, a pretty great summer! Seeing all my friends at home and everywhere else around NC, chillin with my dogs, working, and soaking up the possible quite limited time left at home.

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