Friday, February 15, 2013

T-minus 3 days!

So I guess it's that time of year again! The third year now I am leaving to go live abroad!
The wanderlust is inescapable!

It's been over a year in the making, with endless paperwork, tons of emails, and interviews! Now it's finally time! (sigh of relief).  A year of teaching English in South Korea! That's right, 365 days of full-fledged Korean life! I'm told I will be in the Jeonbuk province. 

"It is well know for having a great natural environment, with many attractive lakes, rivers & mountains. Jeonbuk is also well know for it’s local cuisine."
How does one pack for a year? You may be thinking. A question many have asked, and a question I myself have pondered for months.
Well here is a little idea of what it looks like. Yes it might appear to be chaos...but au contraire it's actually an organized mess....this is my routine every year: for the few weeks leading up to departure I lay everything out and look at it daily adding or removing items as necessary. Yes I have packing down to a science!
AFTER (everything fits YES!! just got to fix some weight issues)

As I spend my remaining days in the States, it's an unfamiliar feeling than previous years. This time as I pack and prepare to leave, it's for a year (or longer). And by prepare, I mean eating as much Mexican food as possible, haha but seriously... I'm not going to be away for just a few months, or half a year, as I've done previously just to return at a set date for my normal summer job. Also, this time around, I don't completely have an idea when I am returning, or where I will I will be coming back to. It feels so cliche' to be boxing up all my belongings and room of 10 years, selling furniture and clothes, donating items, and packing up everything to travel the world. Taking on the challenge of deciding on the life I want to keep here, and my life I want to bring with me. 

My mom has plans of moving and living abroad as well, so I won't be coming back to my house (and possibly my car) this time, which is an adjustment all in it's own. It's wild that so many changes are happening at once, but maybe that will make it easier in the end. Even though I won't be living here when I come back, I know I will always have a home in North Carolina.

At times I can't stop thinking about all the unknown, excitement, and unforgettable experiences to come! I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about my Asian and world adventures to come! With the countless countries I am just itching to explore, my list of where I want to go is literally never ending!

Well that's it for now....I'm off to make the most of my last couple days at home, spend as much time as possible with my dogs, and continue eating all my favorite foods haha : )

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