Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"let the spirit of adventure set the tone"

So, I pretty much spent the whole month of December traveling! oh yeah!

My 1-week planned trip to California to visit a friend out there pretty much spontaneously turned into a cross-country road trip!! My trip began with a drive up to New Jersey and catching a flight from N.Y. out to L.A.

My time around the L.A. area was spent eating scrumptious food such as this deliciousness and of course Mexican food along with having the opportunity to explore Griffith Observatory for quite a few hours. This was such an interesting place where we checked out tons of exhibits and watched a totally sweet planetarium show!

The following morning was spent in the beach town of San Clemente after the official road trip began! Driving a couple hours east, our first stop was at Joshua Tree National Park. After a couple days of hiking in this unique desert beauty and gazing at the most breathtaking stars one could
                                                      possibly see it was onward to Arizona!

We spent 3 nights at Catalina State Park!
On this trip, being me, I was stoked to be living outdoors basically 24/7. I can never spend too much time outside... rising with sunrises and chasing sunsets day after day. Each night in the desert the stars could never seize to amaze me, and the s'mores were always just way too good.

New Mexico came next with a quick stop at the White Sands Missile Range where we checked out the museum for a brief history lesson of the goings on of bombs, missiles, rockets etc. throughout the years...random but fascinating...

After a night camping next to about 2 mile wide former lava flow in the Valley of Fires, indulging in one of the best breakfasts possible, and driving down the former "most dangerous street in America" , it was time to say so long to New Mexico and a great big howdy to Texas!

Our first stop in western TX was at the Monahans Sands State Park. Known for its sand dunes of up to 70 feet it was quite a site to see!
And you can totally rent sleds to slide down the dunes!!

Following our night in this strange land, we continued east to Fort Worth, TX, where I was super excited to have an absolutely amazing reunion with my one of my roomies from Spain!! It was oh so wonderful to see each other again and catch up, as well as eat the most delicious Mexican food by far! After an all too short visit, we cruised on through Louisiana and into Mississippi where we camped the night.

Continuing through the rest of Mississippi and then Alabama, our next stop was Chattanooga, Tennessee!!
After rolling out of Chat town we were northward bound, returning to my starting point of New Jersey. I spent a few days there and continued my journey solo further north to Massachusetts where I was going to spend Christmas.

I couldn't have been happier that for my short time in Mass. it managed to snow a few times!! And to think last year they had no snow at all and it was beautiful and sunny. My annual dream of a White Christmas came true!! I had the opportunity and visit with lots of my family who most of them I hadn't seen in countless years, eat some primo Polish food, and spend time with my love, snow! :)

"I realized that logically, the snow was not there for me personally. But, still, when it snows, something inside me says, ‘hey that’s your present.’ I don’t think it’ll ever change."


  1. Fun to read and see pics of the highlights of your cross country adventure!